It Exists!!! 

Hoping to go get her and bring her home this weekend!!!


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Sittin' on the dock of the bay 
It's been a while since I've put an update here, but I'm excited this week about the fact that the car I ordered in July is now built and sitting at the port in Emden waiting for a ship to sail it to Halifax.

Just a few more weeks now!!

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Best Birthday Ever! 
I feel like a bit of a zombie today. I'm not sure I slept much at all last night.

After many years of saving everything I can... and over a year of research learning everything there is to be learned from reading and asking questions on the Internet... last night I got a call at 9:11 pm (how appropriate!!) from a sales person to close a deal on my dream car!

I first posted about it here back in October of 2011, though at the time it was just a fantasy.

Back in May I drove one for the first time and was instantly hooked!

A week ago Friday I finally hit the goal I was saving for, thinking I could go out and try to make a deal, but then everything seemed to come to a crashing halt. I made 3 separate offers to the sales person I was dealing with and he just kept saying no. Finally, yesterday morning, I hit the absolute limit of how much I was willing to spend, and how many options I was willing to strip off the car to make it all possible, and again he said no.

I never even got a price out of him.

Yesterday I reached out to some other dealerships though, and one got back to me willing, happy even, to work out a deal I could live with. I can't thank him enough for making this dream come true for my birthday!!

I've loved cars and driving ever since I got my license and now, through the help and encouragement of Michelle, without whom none of this would have been possible, I'm able to cross a massive milestone and strike off a bucket list item that I may never have even dreamed of aspiring to.

Now I'm going to slowly lose my mind as I wait out the months until I take delivery, estimated to be sometime in January. While I've got no right to be asking God for anything at all, as I'm already blessed more than I deserve... I will still be praying for a few days of nice weather in the middle of winter so I can go pick her up and drive her home. :)

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The People Have Spoken 
Apparently the citizens of Ontario have said that the Liberal Party can do whatever the heck they want to with no consequences whatsoever.

I just don't understand.

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Twyn Rivers Drive 
Today I rode my bike on Twyn Rivers Drive for the first time.

I don't really recommend it. Ugh.

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