Bloggers are Psychos. 
I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about the whack-job that shot up the university in Montreal yesterday.

They were talking about his blog and how he liked to take pictures of himself with guns and loved that rediculous video game about the Columbine murders.

I'm sure that from that, the media will gather that video games make people kill people... again. No news there.

It makes me wonder though... if some day something terrible happened and it got pinned on me... would people read this blog and determine that I'm some anti-social misfit clearly destined for some sort of self-imposed tragedy?

I'm actually a nice guy in person. It's everyone else that's fucked in the head.

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Car shopping: Don't compare prices on the Internet. 
It's downright criminal how much cheaper cars are in the States than they are here in Canada.

Do we all like compact cars because we take pride in our environmental responsibility... or are we just overtaxed and overcharged to the point where we just can't afford the nicer cars that the average American can put in their driveway?

If I were an American, I could get a Subaru Impreza WRX STI with all the options I want for $34,480.

If I convert that generously to Canadian dollars, it would be $38,617.

Now if I go price the same car on the Canadian Subaru site, it comes to $51,038. WTF? Why am I paying an extra $12k just because I live on this side of the border?

This holds true for pretty much every car on the market.

So basically, I'm gettiong a car worth thousands of dollars less than what I'm paying. Thanks big car corporations for bending me over and sticking it to me. I appreciate it. Really.

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I'm still alive!! 
Just didn't want anyone out there to start worrying. The wife and I have bought our first house and moved in and I've been off work getting everything in order.

Now I'm going to start paying property taxes. A whole new tax for me to watch get misappropriated.

Can you believe I only get my garbage picked up every other week? Yet city councellors get free bus passes... go figure!

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I just think everyone should read this. 
I'm finally back online and all is well. I'm sure y'all missed me.

I don't really have time to write anything especially inspiring so I'll just post this link on the state of Islam. I just think it's very well written and everyone should read it.

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Still slaving away at work. 
As it turns out, I don't work at Dollarama and I'm not some chick in Kitchener so I may have been a bit premature in declaring myself a millionaire.

It's a shame, really. The world is just going to have to go on being sucky without my intervention for a while longer.

At least it's nice to see some people winning big that seem unlikely to have become independantly wealthy on their own or unlikely to die before being able to enjoy it. Much better than when you see rich people or one-foot-in-the-grave old people win.

Speaking of which...

Last night as I dropped by Rona to pick some stuff up, an elderly but quite able-bodied couple pulled into a handicapped parking spot and trotted into the store. Sure enough, they've got a handicapped card in their windshield. Now I'm no doctor (or am I?), but if you don't at least need a stick to walk around, then I think you can park out in the sticks with the rest of us. Being retarded does not entitle you to a closer parking spot!!

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