You Has Demon Cat? 
This morning on my way to work, I found an SD memory card on the ground at Guildwood GO Station on the platform.

It's from someone's camera. Here is one of the pictures.

If this is your card, I expect you'll want it back.

Drop me a note at and I'll arrange to get it back to you.

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My Birthday! 
Today is my birthday.

Dinner was freakin' AWESOME!!!

And yes... it was every bit as good as it looks and I ate the whole thing.

Happy birthday to me. :D

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Amy Winehouse is Dead 
So... who didn't see this one coming?

Let this be a warning sign, Lindsay Lohan!

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Way to go, Mavericks!!! 
I suddenly feel like a Dallas Mavericks fan. I mean, their wacky owner is living the dream, so why shouldn't they be the ones to put a stop to the idiocy that is the Miami Heat?

I'm no basketball fan, but I do know that what they've done in Miami is an insult to the game, so I'm as happy as everyone else that they didn't win the championship.

Looks like karma still has some legs under it.

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Apparently Bible Math is Hard 
It appears we got all worked up over nothing, as Harold Camping has declared that he apparently got the math wrong... again... and that now the apocolypse starts October 21st instead of this past weekend.

I can't help but think that if he just showed his work, maybe we could help him along and see where he keeps going wrong.

That seems to work reasonably well in school. You can't get part marks for just plunking down the wrong answer. You have to show how you got there so you can get some credit for anything you've done right and some guidance on where you've gone wrong.

I mean... I strongly suspect he's missed the part where the bible says that nobody but God can know when the end times will come... but maybe he's got that worked in and just forgot to carry a digit or something. Without seeing his work, who can know?

All we can know is that he's repeatedly getting it wrong, which makes it even harder to pretend to lend credibility to this new October date.

I wonder if he's just going to keep revising his dates until he's dead and doesn't have to answer questions anymore. Looking at pictures, he's really not far off.

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