Unbundling Cable TV Packages 
This seems to be the hottest news item today when it comes to what our government is doing to earn our loyalty.

Something I heard on the radio made me laugh though. They're saying that some stations will go out of business because not enough people will order them so they won't be able to generate enough advertising revenue.

If nobody cares enough about your channel to watch it, why are you in business in the first place? Are you a charity channel?

There's an easy solution here. If nobody is going to pick the channel out of a list and pay for it... but oodles of people will end up watching it if they happen to have it anyway... then the simple solution is to let the cable companies distribute it for free.

This is how broadcast TV gets by. If you've got the viewership, you can sell the advertising.

So what's the problem?

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Revenge Has Gone Off the Deep End 
Last night I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Revenge. All I can say is... WOW!! What the heck happened there? Did the fire all the writers and start this season with a whole new batch or something?

I don't think I've ever been so ready to abandon a show I've been watching quite so fast before. They spent much of the first episode just brushing off everything that happened at the end of the last season like it was no big deal. If you watch this show and haven't seen the new episodes yet... well... spoilers ahead.

Remember the big cliffhangers at the end of Season 2?? OH!! THE DRAMA!! How ever will they resolve them??? Well... here's how. Nolan gets released from jail as though nothing ever happened but now apparently can't use computers. There's no explanation or anything. He's just out because he has good lawyers and "computer magic".

There's were a bunch of other little speeches as well of "well... all this stuff just happened... now let's move on". It was, frankly, just awful.

I loved the first season of this show. More and more though, I suspect they weren't expecting near the level of success they had and have no idea how to keep the story going.

They should have done what American Horror Story did. They should have concluded the first season properly and then did something completely different. As it is... well... it's just stupid now.

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Under the Dome 
I just want to write about something that isn't Moby Dick.

I've been watching Under the Dome since it started. So far, it's not half bad. It's not great, but I'm certainly not staking it for imminent cancellation either.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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Go On Cancelled? Crap! 
Well... this is hardly the first time I've enjoyed a show that got canned. I just read that Matthew Perry's show, Go On, is probably being cancelled.

I'll miss it. I've really been enjoying this one. It's quirky and silly and a bit odd, but I've enjoyed it enough to keep watching, which is more than I can say for a LOT of other shows.

It's not for sure yet, so I'll cross my fingers and hope it comes back. Maybe I'll luck out on this one.

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Are You Watching Revenge Yet? 
If you're not watching Revenge yet, you should be. It's still going strong.

If you are... then I'm wondering whether you were also playing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" in your mind during the end of the last episode.

heh. I don't think anyone can ever get shoved off a raft ever again without that song playing in the sub-conscious. Does that make me insensitive?

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