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Persons Unknown: Still Good 
Wife is starting to lose interest, but I'm still into it. Now that they've actually killed someone, I'm even more curious as to what the heck's going on!!

Oh... did I give something away?

I also keep looking forward to that idiot/rapist guy getting beat up in new and interesting ways. That's a pretty good subplot in itself!

On an unrelated note... the Dutch just missed what looked like a sure goal! Ouch!!

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Fail 
I know I'm REALLY late to the game on this one, but I just today found out about Microsoft taking a huge step backward with their HTML rendering engine for Outlook 2007 and felt the InterTubes deserved to have my little bit of rage added to the universal panning that seems to be the world's opinion of it.

I just wrote a little application that sends an html formatted email. The app will only send to one person, so it didn't need to be too extensively tested for email client compatability. I tested it with Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, and Thunderbird. All was well.

I then sent the link to someone else to have a look at, and was told it basically looked like garbage. She re-checked it using Yahoo's online email. Everything was peachy.

I had her forward me the email from Outlook 2007 and looked at the source and found this:

<meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Word 12 (filtered medium)">

Now where did that come from? Well I went Googling, and that's when I found out that Microsoft replaced their Internet Explorer based rendering engine with Microsoft Word 2007 for Outlook 2007 and essentially crippled the ability to properly display html formatted emails.

I checked the original email in Outlook 2003, and while not all the formatting was in place, it was a heck of a lot better than what Outlook 2007 produced.

So thanks a lot, Microsoft, for taking a big backwards step and making life difficult for web developers all over the world.

Here's a Microsoft page telling developers how they can try to accomodate their crappy product. I particularly enjoyed the long list of comments at the end of it.

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... e.12).aspx

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How About Them Dutch! 
I really can't believe the Dutch took Brazil out of the World Cup.

That has to be the final nail in the coffin that was my entry to the office pool here. That aside though, it's certainly a blessing to the whole "Europe vs. South America" bout I've got going with my wife. After tomorrow, when Germany eliminates Agentina, that should be a lock! I just don't see Uruguay making a miracle run for the cup, no matter how strange this tournament has been!

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Wednesday Ramblings 
I feel like I'm living an episode of House. I've been sick since Friday evening, and new and interesting symptoms just keep popping up. Today my right ear has pretty much stopped working altogether. My unbearably sore throat seems a bit better than it's been for the past few days, so that's something good. My right eye was all crusty when I woke up this morning though, so tomorrow's new symptom may well be pinkeye. I can't wait to find out!

I'm sitting here in the Lasik MD waiting room waiting for my wife to go in for surgery. Hopefully it's not pinkeye that I've got, as this doesn't seem like the sort of place to spread it around. I seem to be ok though. I'm watching the World Cup Group C showdown... England vs. USA in separate games and wondering whether either of them will put on a display worthy of getting them into the elimination round. So far it seems the Americans deserve it more, yet the English are winning their game while the USA isn't.

In other news... Marcos Ambrose made an epic mistake on Sunday and basically gave the trophy to Jimmie. I feel terrible for him. I really like the guy, and he deserved the win. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

And finally... Persons Unknown is still good. I guess if you haven't started watching it yet, it's probably too late for you. If you have... then I think the blonde chick should have done more damage to the creepy guy, and at least told everyone else what he'd done. Can't wait for next week!

Are they finally gonna beat the snot out of the hotel guy??? :)

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