If you're not a NASCAR fan, don't write about NASCAR! 
Reading this article in the Star just made me shake my head.

If there's one quote that proves the writer doesn't know NASCAR, it's this one:

So NASCAR finally got what it wanted – 43 to 50 drivers who pretty much all look the same, talk the same, behave the same and – well – are the same. (I really mean that. Kyle Busch won the Aaron’s 499 at Talladaga yesterday and the first thing he said, the very first words out of his mouth when he got out of the car were: "I really want to thank M&M’s." What is with those guys?)

Everyone knows that the first thing you do in NASCAR is thank your sponsors. They're paying the bills, and you want to make them happy. That doesn't mean you're just like everyone else.

Anyone who's paid any attention to NASCAR over the past couple years knows that Kyle Busch is about as different from everyone else as he could possibly be without growing a new limb and wearing a clown nose.

My only complaint about the race coverage wasn't speculation on when the Big One would happen, but, rather, the commentators need to explain a number of times why the race wasn't boring.

If you don't know NASCAR, then perhaps it didn't seem all that interesting but that's not their fault. It takes time to understand what's going on and you can't just become a fan overnight. The fact that there were more lead changes and more leaders than in any other race this season should have been proof enough that something interesting was going on.

Just about every lap had some sort of excitement in it involving who was on the move forward or who'd been shuffled to the back. You could see the strategy developing and see people testing out what their cars could do in different spots. Hell, watching Denny Hamlin push just about everyone up to the front of the pack at any given time was great entertainment! You just knew he had a plan for the end. It was just a shame that we didn't get to see what it was.

Having Tony and Jr. playing at the front for half the race was great fun, and you couldn't help but cringe when they got together not once, but twice toward the end, ultimately ruining both their days. Knowing that they're friends and what a bad stroke of luck it was added to the drama of the race. I was hoping either one or the other would win it, but it wasn't to be.

Finally, having the Wild Thing go a lap down but hold his place at the front until he could pick up the Lucky Dog was great fun, and you just knew the last lap was going to be incredible. It was just too bad the Big One didn't happen a lap earlier so as not to ruin the finish. That was a shame, but in the end a worthy driver took the checkers so I suppose not all was lost.

All in all, I thought it was a great race from start to finish and expect most other fans thought the same, despite what some clueless writers might think.

Congrats Kyle! You drove a great race!

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Martinsville owns Bristol 
I just thought I'd chime in on the question of "What's the best short track in the Sprint Cup series?"

Yesterday's race at Martinsville was great fun to watch and, I think, more entertaining than the previous race at Bristol. I think it's the tight corners at the end, though the sprinkling of rain may have helped things along.

The excitement of seeing your driver tuck his nose under the car in front going through the turn was great fun, as was the frustration of watching someone try to make the pass on the outside and knowing he was going to lose a few positions for his efforts.

Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon swapping positions cleanly a few times was harrowing, each time thinking they were going to come together.

I think the moment of the race, while it obviously can't be sanctioned, was Matt Kenseth punting David Gilliland out of pure malice.

I felt bad for Johnson getting taken out by lap traffic, but that's Martinsville, and he still pulled out a great finish.

Congrats to Denny Hamlin and for all the Hendricks boys!!

Now Tony... what's up? All the other Gibb's cars have been in the winners circle. When's your turn??

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I don't like Carl Edwards 
I don't like Carl Edwards. I think he's NASCAR's version of Eddie Haskell. He smiles when he knows the cameras are on him, and puts on a good show for his sponsors, but I have little doubt he wouldn't step on your head if he thought it would benefit himself in some way. I'm sure Matt Kenseth knows this as well as anyone.

With that in mind, I give huge props to Mark Martin for taking him out of the Nationwide race on Saturday, whether it was on purpose or not. Nobody expect he'd do it on purpose, but I have to wonder. Does Mark Martin like Carl Edwards?

Way to go Mark!

It's just too bad nobody could do the same thing in the Sprint Cup race yesterday. I could only hope he'd fall on his head during his smarmy backflip after the race. No such luck this time around, and hopefully he won't get another opportunity.

On another note... Jimmie Johnson... what the hell??? I'll definitely be thinking twice before picking you for my fantasy team again in the near future!

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My Predictions for the Gatorade Duels 
Here's what I think is going to happen tomorrow afternoon.

Jimmie Johnson will win the first race, with Dale Jr. pushing him to the front to return the favour from Saturday night.

Without Jr. to drive around him, and with Jeff Gordon pretty much on his own out there, I think Tony Stewart will take the checkers in the second race. Of course, if Mikey lends a hand to Jr's new teammate, the Duels could end up swept by Hendrick cars.

That would be very discouraging for the rest of the NASCAR stables!

I'll save any predictions for the 500 until after I see how everyone performs tomorrow.

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Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson! 
Congrats to Jimmie Johnson for beating out the top performers of all the other less entertaining racing leagues to win the SPEED Performer of the Year award. His unbelievable performance in the 2007 Chase for the Nextel Cup will be a tough one to beat this coming season!

And now we're just a week and 2 days away from the Daytona 500. Gentlemen... start your engines!!!

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