It All Evens Out 
I went to get lunch from a street meat vendor near my work.

It's cheap, and hasn't made me sick yet. Win win.

Unfortunately, it's not as cheap as it was. After dressing the "food", I went to grab a drink from the cooler as I always do. The guy stopped me. Apparently now it's 50 cents for a drink. It's been free for ages.

I guess it couldn't last forever.

Then, as I went back to work, I found $20 lying on the ground.


Next 40 drinks are free to me!

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People are Stupid 
I just finished reading an article on and reading through about half of the posted comments.

As I tried to process all the idiocy of the commenters, I finally gave up on the idea of adding any sort of coherent response as there simply wouldn't be room to address all of it.

It sure is enlightening though to read what the general public has to say about a thing.

There's even an interesting side-story when you look at the "agree" and "disagree" ratings for the comments.

That's all I've got to say about that. :)

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It's Right There In Front Of You! 
Why is there always pee on the floor in front of urinals??

I mean... I get that guys can miss the toilet now and then. It's a foot and a half away or so, and sometimes things aren't quite pointed where you think they are, but a urinal??

It's right there in front of you!

If your junk is so small that it doesn't extend past the lip, then you should be sitting on the toilet to pee! WTF? Do you get it on your pants as well? Does it just dribble down the front of you??

Seriously! Figure it out, or don't use it. I shouldn't have to worry about standing in pee just because you've got some sort of issues with using a stall!

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There might be something wrong with me. 
Some things just shouldn't be funny at all. And yet I chuckle. The link is to the full online article, but here is exactly what was printed in today's Metro Toronto as a "News in brief" item:

A fugitive from Georgia who was on an alleged quest to buy a five-year-old boy over the Internet was to find out today whether he would be set free or remain in a Canadian jail. A global manhunt for Patrick Molesti, 56, ended Friday night in Thunder Bay. Georgia police said they believed Molesti, a French national, likely fled to Canada because he thought he could get to France more easily from Quebec.

Just puttin' it out there.

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Chris Pizzi is My Hero!!! 
This weekend's "Slice of Pizzi" was an absolute classic! See it here.

I've been calling Carl Edwards "Hot Carl" for years now, but Pizzi had the guts to say it to his face on TV.

That, my friends, was just awesome!

Chris Pizzi: "He's also known as... Hot Carl to the ladies... "
*extends fist for fist bump* "Hot Carl!"
Carl Edwards: *looking a bit put out, fist bumps Chris*
Chris Pizzi: Thanks
Carl Edwards: *mumbling* Hot Carl *looking generally dejected*

I love it!!

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