I learned something today. 
A cafe mocha is delicious.

Mixing a packet of hot chocolate in with a cup of french roast coffee is not.

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I don't like Carl Edwards 
I don't like Carl Edwards. I think he's NASCAR's version of Eddie Haskell. He smiles when he knows the cameras are on him, and puts on a good show for his sponsors, but I have little doubt he wouldn't step on your head if he thought it would benefit himself in some way. I'm sure Matt Kenseth knows this as well as anyone.

With that in mind, I give huge props to Mark Martin for taking him out of the Nationwide race on Saturday, whether it was on purpose or not. Nobody expect he'd do it on purpose, but I have to wonder. Does Mark Martin like Carl Edwards?

Way to go Mark!

It's just too bad nobody could do the same thing in the Sprint Cup race yesterday. I could only hope he'd fall on his head during his smarmy backflip after the race. No such luck this time around, and hopefully he won't get another opportunity.

On another note... Jimmie Johnson... what the hell??? I'll definitely be thinking twice before picking you for my fantasy team again in the near future!

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My Predictions for the Gatorade Duels 
Here's what I think is going to happen tomorrow afternoon.

Jimmie Johnson will win the first race, with Dale Jr. pushing him to the front to return the favour from Saturday night.

Without Jr. to drive around him, and with Jeff Gordon pretty much on his own out there, I think Tony Stewart will take the checkers in the second race. Of course, if Mikey lends a hand to Jr's new teammate, the Duels could end up swept by Hendrick cars.

That would be very discouraging for the rest of the NASCAR stables!

I'll save any predictions for the 500 until after I see how everyone performs tomorrow.

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Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson! 
Congrats to Jimmie Johnson for beating out the top performers of all the other less entertaining racing leagues to win the SPEED Performer of the Year award. His unbelievable performance in the 2007 Chase for the Nextel Cup will be a tough one to beat this coming season!

And now we're just a week and 2 days away from the Daytona 500. Gentlemen... start your engines!!!

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GM Annoys Me 
General Motors is currently running an ad campaign that annoys me every time I see it.

Their commercial starts out with big text.

"It's our time to talk."

It then blasts a whole series of text at you about whatever their current promotion is.

At no point do they ever actually do any talking. None. It's all just text.

Not only is it annoying, but they've completely discarded what is probably a vast market of illiterate drivers. Smart move!

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