A Faster Car is a Safer Car 
I couldn't help but post this up. I've been saying this for years and everyone always scoffs at the idea.

At least I'm not the only one.

Here is a link to the whole article. It talks about how it's impossible to drive a performance car to it's full potential on the streets here within the confines of our laws.

Here is the gem though:

There's an important thing to understand about fast cars, though. A faster car is a safer car. All of the things that make a car fast a powerful engine, big tires, suspension that hugs the road also mean it's able to get out of sticky situations faster.

When passing on a two-lane road, you're not exposed to oncoming traffic as long, because you're able to accelerate faster. More grip makes it easier to swerve around situations that slower cars might not have the time or space to avoid.

Most important of all, most fast cars (and there are unfortunately a few exceptions) also have much deeper reserves of braking performance than slower cars, meaning you can more likely stop short of an accident instead of becoming one. Mercedes-Benz's SL55 not only has huge eight-piston front calipers and vented discs, but also senses when it's raining and gently applies the brakes every once in a while to keep them dry and ready for action.

Now if only I could find the link I once had to statistics showing that cars with more than 200 hp get in less accidents than those with less.

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I'm Growing Grass 
Yep. I'm a regular horticulturist now. I've gone and taken a big patch of pretty much dead lawn under a tree in front of my house and made an attempt at growing some green stuff in it.

Now I apparently have to water it twice a day for a month or so.

That means I'll probably have to wake up even earlier than I already do in the mornings so it gets watered before I leave for work. Needy little plants.

It had better grow all lush and thick as a thank-you for my efforts.

If not, I suppose I could just have it paved.

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Owning a House is Fun 
First off, on the topic of Kimveer Gill, this is well written and deserves a read.

This paragraph sums up the article quite nicely:

There was drama-queen self-exultation in the de facto epitaph Gill posted on his blog: "Lived fast died young. Left a mangled corpse.''

The line is hardly original Gill lacked originality, especially in the copycat violence with which he left this world. The couplet comes from a '93 movie, True Romance, written by Quentin Tarantino, and is spoken by a character in admiring reference to Elvis Presley, specifically the rebel he depicted as Hollywood-processed in Jailhouse Rock. Elvis is about as far from Goth culture as you can get, so it's doubtful Gill even knew the backstory. He was an idiot.

And now on the topic of home ownership...

I've had my house now for nearly a month. In that time, I've wrecked a shower, broken the washing machine, and set a bathroom on fire.

All good fun on the road to home improvement.

Here's hoping my future improvements are somewhat less destructive.

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Bloggers are Psychos. 
I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about the whack-job that shot up the university in Montreal yesterday.

They were talking about his blog and how he liked to take pictures of himself with guns and loved that rediculous video game about the Columbine murders.

I'm sure that from that, the media will gather that video games make people kill people... again. No news there.

It makes me wonder though... if some day something terrible happened and it got pinned on me... would people read this blog and determine that I'm some anti-social misfit clearly destined for some sort of self-imposed tragedy?

I'm actually a nice guy in person. It's everyone else that's fucked in the head.

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Car shopping: Don't compare prices on the Internet. 
It's downright criminal how much cheaper cars are in the States than they are here in Canada.

Do we all like compact cars because we take pride in our environmental responsibility... or are we just overtaxed and overcharged to the point where we just can't afford the nicer cars that the average American can put in their driveway?

If I were an American, I could get a Subaru Impreza WRX STI with all the options I want for $34,480.

If I convert that generously to Canadian dollars, it would be $38,617.

Now if I go price the same car on the Canadian Subaru site, it comes to $51,038. WTF? Why am I paying an extra $12k just because I live on this side of the border?

This holds true for pretty much every car on the market.

So basically, I'm gettiong a car worth thousands of dollars less than what I'm paying. Thanks big car corporations for bending me over and sticking it to me. I appreciate it. Really.

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